Private Try Scuba Diving Tour Key West

Per Person

Private tour up to 6 people

Private Scuba Tours for Beginners

  • No experience needed
  • Tour is on a boat
  • Depths are 15-40 feet
  • We provide everything!
  • Private Guided try scuba diving tour in the ocean for adults & children 8 and up
  • Free GoPro and pictures included!

This is a private guided try scuba diving tour in the ocean for beginners ages 8 and up. After booking, we pair you together with your own personal dive professional. Your dive pro will provide everything you need to scuba dive, so all you need is a swim suit. You will see lots of aquatic life & fish on this tour and free Go Pro video and pictures are included.

What to Expect

Remember, this tour is “FOR BEGINNERS”, so NO PRIOR scuba or swimming experience is required!

  1. Fundamentals briefing– your dive pro will go over safety and fundamentals of scuba diving.
  2. Getting Comfortable: your dive pro will start you out in waist deep water to get you comfortable with breathing underwater and teach you some basic scuba diving skills.
  3. Guided Scuba Dive: this is where your Dive Pro will give you an underwater tour, showing you all the beautiful aquatic life and fish. They’ll also capture some of those memories on video!


$225 per person (3 person minimum)


3 Hours

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